Theatre Design

This is my current portfolio of theatre designs and maquettes. 

Design for Stain 
April 2020

Theoretical maquette and costume designs for Stain by Madeline Blais Dahlem.

Costume Design for Importance of Being Earnest
October 2020

Theoretical costume design for Importance of Being Earnest  by Oscar Wilde.

Seven Sins
January 2021

Victorian paper theatre 

Set of Murdoch Mysteries
March 2021

1:24 scale model of the set of Murdoch Mysteries. (original set design by Sandra Kybartas)

Design for Waiting For Godot
April 2021

Hypothetical design for Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot.

Design for Hedwig and the Angry Inch
August 2021

Set design for Sparrow Theatre's production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Co-designed with Catherine Hui

Lighting Design: Byron Hnatuk | Audio engineering: Zach Greenhorn | Costumes: Morgan Carter | Propsmaster: Stacey Tates | Stagemanager: Courtney Forrest | ASM: Paige Morrison | Vocal Coach: Meghan Dormuth | Wigs and Makeup: Hazel Envoy | Intamacy coach: Annika Tupper | Assistant Casting: Anika Sukkuh | Director: Zac Morgan | Music Director: Spencer Krips | Starring: Zac Morgan, Oli Guselle, Savana Gallant, Spencer Krips, Andrew Taylor, Alan Nieman, Braden Buhler