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Animal Friends

I started this series in 2019 and the project bloomed during the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to connect with others and bring smiles and cheer to my family and friends. Often I ask my friends for a time era or a theme and an animal to make the illustration. I love this series as an exercise in costume design, and I am constantly researching fashion through the eras for the illustrations. Since 2019, I’ve done a Pride Month illustration where all their outfits are the colours of different Pride Flags. Can you guess which one is which? Another key concept I play with is scale. Flowers are no longer small, they’re now umbrella sized or as large as trees! Acorn caps are hats,  thimbles are flower pots and tea cups are bath tubs. Animal Friends is a way for everyone of all ages to reconnect with the joys of childhood books and imagination.

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KTanaka WLFMTY promo2.JPG
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