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Animal Friends

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Arm in Arm
December 2021

It's fun to skate over the frozen lake, arm in arm with a friend. 

Special Delivery
December 2021

Santa isn't the only one who delivers presents! Meg and Jo go to the mailbox to post thier Christmas cards and presents to their friends and family who live out of the forest. Remember to send love to everyone this season! 

Midnight Wish
November 2021

It's midnight and everyone is fast asleep, dreaming sweet dreams, except for little Regulus. He looks up at the winter sky and finds a sparkling star to make a wish on for the new year. 

Mystery Mansion
October 2021

It's a dark stormy night when Detectibe Benjamine is called to the Prism Estate. There has been a crime, but who has done it? Was it quick Mademoiselle Cerise or tricky Professor Iris? How about loyal servant Alba or the daring Colonel Bruno? Maybe it was sly Missus Crystal or cunning Doctor Forester. Can you solve this mystery? 

Beach Day
July 2021

Before the summer ends, Becca and her friends go to the beach. Helen builds a sandcastle, adding the last finishing touches with a flag on top while Jonny runs out to join Becca and Nate out in the sea. Nate splashes cold water over Becca.  From the beach, Tom watches from the shade of his umbrella. 

Pride Picnic
June 2021

Where ever your friends are is the happiest place to be. 

Visit to Grandpappy and Nana's
June 2021

Today the grandchildren are visiting Grandpappy and Nana's house. It' a sunny day so they spend the afternoon outside Walter comes out to the porch, wiping his hands on a rag to see what his wife, Martha, and his grandchildren are up to. Alice is flying her kite around the lawn while Jess reads a book that Grandpappy said he read as a boy. Victor, the youngest grandchild, has came back from exploring the fields and presents his Nana with a surprise! 

After School
May 2021

Angela and Gillian are spending their after school hours catching up on gossip and reading the newest and coolest article from their favourite magazine. 

Spring Love
May 2021

Where ever the wind takes us.

Kei Tanaka - Mistletoe.jpg
November 2020

It’s a beautiful clear winter night. On the way back from the shops, Gabriel runs into Natalia on a walk. She looks lovely in her bonnet and muff. What he doesn’t see are his three children, Jack, Cressida and Timothy. Carefully, Jack lowers Timothy holding a sprig of mistletoe above his dad and Miss Natalia. Natalia sees the mistletoe and... well it is Christmas and you must kiss under the mistletoe!

Coffee Shop
October 2020

Autumn is the perfect time to go to a coffee shop. There you can work on your term paper with a muffin and a latte, or you can go on a date with the charming fellow from the gym, or bring your wife and baby to enjoy a hot chocolate on this crisp autumn afternoon.

Apple Picking
September 2020

It's apple picking season! Holly and Emily quickly scramble up the tree but Tobin is afraid of heights so he stays on the ground. Emily picks the apples and Holly tosses the apples down for Tobin to catch in his hat and to put in the baskets to take back home. 

Mountain Picnic.jpg
Mountain Picnic
August 2020

High on a hill, Margaretta, Oscar, Julie and Ida set up a picnic for their double date. Maragretta pours out the wine and settles down next to Oscar as Julie and Ida look down at the river in the valley below. Up here in the mountains, the wind is strong and blows the hat right off Julie's head! 

Winter Engagement 
August 2020

Congratulations to Katie and Jarret on their engagement! It's a beautiful walk through the Enchanted forest and a perfect place for a proposal. 

Tropical Love
July 2020

Summer love has never been this sweet. 

Rainy Play Day
July 2020

It's a rain day and Marty, Lauren and Irwin are out to play. David helps Percy put on his raincoat as Sage opens the door and lets in the sweet smell of rain. 

Summer Duet
June 2020

Let's sing a duet together. A special song between the two of us. 

June 2020

Join together to make something colourful and beautiful to last forever! 

A Summer Wedding 
June 2020

Wedding bells are ringing for Eliza and Priti. It's a small ceremony under the moon with Priti's brother and cousin and Eliza's best friends for the bridal parties while their best friend Nara officiates. On the side, Priti's nephews Gil and Hani argue over who gets to carry the rings. Gil thinks it's his responsibility - after all he is the oldest - but Hani wants to carry them and Mami did say that they could boy carry the rings. Either way, it's Priti and Eliza's special day and under the moonlight Priti thinks that Eliza has never looked more glowing. 

Liddy's Bakery
June 2020

Welcome to Liddy's Bakery, run by Liddy and her wife, Nina. There are fresh buns and breads on the shelves daily and many sweets, treats, pies and cakes. Today Mrs. Fernsby is here to pick up a cake for her nephew's birthday. Liddy wraps up the cake in brown paper and string while Louisa helps her to ring up Mrs. Fernsby. Behind the in the kitchen, Louisa's brother Preston helps Nina bake the pastries. Where are the youngest two of Nina and Liddy's children? There! They are under the table! Teddy and Dottie are stealing the fresh turnovers from the tray. Don't worry, There will always be enough pastries at Liddy's Bakery. 

Good morning in the forest
May 2020

It's a fine spring day in the forest and the flowers are blooming. Mrs Kelly sweeps her front step with her three children, Billy, Sarah Ann, and Little Edwin. The mail has been delivered and Billy finds a letter from Auntie Lydia from Stonefield Farm. The Patrick's from next door are talking a walk together. Little Edwin is too say to say hello when Mr. Patrick tips his hat in a friendly greeting. 

Lowland Streaked Madagascar Tenrec
May 2020 

A little dapper tenrec dressed up with a pair of pince-nez and a pretty blue stone on his watch fob. 

Restoration Rhinos
April 2020

Just a pair of fancy rhinos from the Restoration era. 

The Big Band
April 2020

The dancers need some music to dance to. Here comes the big band with a jazzy song.

20s Giraffes
April 2020

Time to do the boogie!

December 2019

It's story time next to the fireplace. 

June 2019

With friends, you will always have pride.

Squirel flower shop.JPG
Flower Shop
June 2019

He sweeps down in a bow as he offers the prettiest girl on the street a flower. 

Spring 2019

Nancy works on her bright red car in her driveway as Jane passes with her bicycle. When Nancy calls out a confident hello, Jane blushes and smiles in return. 

Evening Walk
January 2019

Arm in arm, they enjoy an evening walk through the Victorian streets under the dim light of the street lights.

Spring Meeting
January 2019

On the way back from the market, she passes a charming gentleman, who tips his hat in greeting. 

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